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8 packs – 280mm (per pack 6 pads)
December 23, 2020
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6 packs – 320mm (per pack 6 pads)

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No chemicals, pesticides, or toxic materials; just pure natural cotton. Clinically proven to protect sensitive skin.

Textured for added absorbency and fiber strength, Staygreen feminine pads are soft but strong and have been tested and shown to absorb just as well as mainstream brands.

Maximum comfort and better leak protection.

Since Staygreen Pads are biodegradable, they do not collect in landfills for long periods as they decompose within 2 years or less.

Staygreen Sanitary Pads have no chemicals, plastic, perfumes, bleaches or toxin. They are safe and suitable for all women, skin types, and menstrual conditions.

Reviews (12)

12 reviews for 6 packs – 320mm (per pack 6 pads)

  1. Laila Khan

    Received on time and the packaging is perfect.They are super soft and easily manageable. No Irritation and super soft.

  2. Sunita Iyer

    Fantastic quality.Definitely recommend this brand!

  3. Meenakshi

    Got this from a cousin’s whom I stayed for the night. I love that it cover the entire thing from back to front. It is very absorbent and even if the flow is heavy, I am surprised to know that there are still no stains. Although I have to mention that is a little costly in comparison to other pads but it does the job, i’d rather spend more money money on high quality napkins than cheap pads

  4. Sunita Dsilva

    I have been trying several brands, this is the first time that I buy by staygreen Pads and I am very happy with this product. Best pads for me.

  5. Salome D

    1. Superb absorption. I have medium flow and I used a regular pad. It was super absorbent. N didn’t tear which I was skeptical about. I didn’t have the need-to-change-my-pad moment even on the 2nd day. However for personal hygiene, it is recommended to change every 6 hours.

    2. It is super soft. I used to get rashes with whisper often, but not with this.

    3. Perfect size for a medium flow girl.

    4. I felt like fulfilling my duty towards mothernature by using biodegradable pads. Felt like I am doing my but to save our ntaure nad planet earth. Definitely go for it. Now I will be a repeat customer for sure.

  6. Fatima Sheikh

    Great product..very comfortable and environment friendly. Generally pad causes a great harm to our environment without us realizing it.

  7. Swati Naik

    Using these 100% organic cotton, biodegradable sanitary pads from staygreen these days.These Sanitary Pads are chemical free, anti-bacterial ensuring no rashes down there.

  8. Sonia vaz

    First of all this product is Super soft, super comfortable, no itchiness, rashes free. This sanitary napkin is so comfortable and 0% of discomfort. Made from 100% cotton this pad is super soft.. the best part of this sanitary pad is that it is biodegradable so good for the environment.
    Best thing about the product :
    chemical free.,Rash free and comfortable,made up of 100% organic cotton top sheet 100% recommended to you all.

  9. Hradini

    I’ve been using staygreen since a while now, and I absolutely LOVE it. From packaging to biodegradable and convenient disposal covers, the quality is great. It actually made periods odourless, which is a great deal. Also, the comfort and softness is again a super feature.

  10. Garima

    Loved the product. Very comfortable and soft. Best part is that its biodegradable. I originally sent for it because of it but now will send for it because its an excellent product also… Now my other family members also only use this! This is now my regular product.

  11. Sonia Britto (verified owner)

    Staygreen pads are truly very comfortable to use. Since its purely made of cotton it does not cause any irritation and rashes. It is safe to use and the way it has been designed, it actually helps you from staining at night. Also to add on to the packaging part of the product is so well that it clearly depicts eco friendly use. I would highly recommend Staygreen pads to my peers and they have truly made a commendable job by introducing us to this product keeping in mind the needs of every woman. Keep up the Good Work… #GoGreen#Staygreen#

  12. Jasmine Pinto

    Nice product…worked well for medium flow…happy to be using eco friendly pads…

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