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5 reasons Sex Education is important for the Girl Child

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5 reasons Sex Education is important for the Girl Child

Children at a particular age start getting sexual feelings and may get engaged in sexual behaviour too. They are curious about sex, but at the same time they do not know the dos and don’ts. Hence it is very important to educate them about sex. It is said that when a girl is educated, the whole family gets educated. Hence the need to educate a girl child is very important.

Since a girl spends most of her time with the parents during childhood, parents become the most appropriate person to educate them about sex. If they don’t get proper sex education and guidance at home, then society will educate them in the wrong way. So why not educate them the right way? As a parent, one should be aware of what is to be taught in sex education.

What is Sex Education?

Sex Education is knowing and understanding human sexuality by providing information about bodily structures and development, relationships, communicating about decisions with regards to sex, birth and sexual health.

Let us concentrate on the 5 reasons that highlight the importance of Sex Education for the Girl Child

  1. Enables them to know about Sexual Anatomy & Sexual Reproduction-
  2. Children are often told that babies are God’s blessings. They come from heaven, etc. But as they grow, they need to know the reality. For that they should know the characteristics of human body- male and female both. It is important to educate them about the process of physical sex and reproduction.

  1. Guides them on the Right age & Meaning of Consent for Sex-
  2. A girl should know the right age for sex and also that having sex is a choice. She should be aware that her consent for sex is very important. Girls have every right to say a ‘No’ if she doesn’t wish to have sex.

  1. Helps them to know about Safe Sex-
  2. The next most important thing she should know about is, safe sex. Safe sex prevents unnecessary pregnancies and avoids sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It also helps to stay safe from HIV.

  1. Educates them about Reproductive Health
  2. A girl should be aware that reproductive health is very important for sex. She should be in the right state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. If she plans for a baby, then she needs to be physically, mentally and financially ready to take up this huge responsibility. Support from her partner and family, matters too.

  1. Helps to Avoid Early Pregnancies & Know About Birth Control Methods
  2. Teen pregnancies are common amongst girls. If given the right information through sex education, then teen and early pregnancies could be avoided. Also, girls should be educated about family planning and various birth control methods.

Mother is said to be a girl’s best friend. The girl child feels more comfortable to discuss her sexuality and relationships with her mother. Mostly it has been seen that the process of sex education increases the bond between a girl child and the mother. But it is the responsibility of both the parents to educate the child as well as make her comfortable and open to sexual conversations.

Lack of sex education and fear to discuss sexuality with parents have increased the rate of girl abuse, assault and early pregnancies. A girl child is always at more risk to sexual assault and molestation. Sex education would help to reduce sexual vices in the society.

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