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Staygreen pad, Product of Ecopaal Enterprises, is super absorbent and leak-proof for comfortable periods.The sanitary pads are packed inside a reusable box making this product less harmful.

It is well known that women are suffering from many diseases mainly due to the unhygienic living atmosphere and living status. So, to reduce the spread of such diseases among the women and girls the foremost step should be establishing a clean, hygienic living environment and status. Women and Girls who use unhygienic alternatives for sanitary pads such as newspaper, cloth, etc. not only face health issue but also tend to miss work or school in some rural areas and even in cities.

Another important factor is that some women and girls generally do not maintain cleanliness during menstruation period. As a result they become the host of many infectious diseases. This is due to the lack of awareness among them and also due to the economic inability for adopting better precautions like- use of good sanitary napkins during menstruation period.

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Say “NO” to Plastic Periods.

Many women are unaware of risks they undergo, while going through their monthly Periods, hoping it would be less painful this time. But what every woman often ignores is that the sanitary pads that they use have become a silent health threat over the years. The cellulose in your super-absorbent pads can cause cervical cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women. There are chemicals in your pads which can cause multiple diseases and infections. Dioxin is one of those chemical present in pads and tampons can cause abnormal tissue growth in the reproductive organs.

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Infertility and birth defects: Pads contains Odor neutralizers or deodorants because every woman hates the smell of blood. It is understandable. However, sanitary pad companies add some chemicals in scented pads. It is not recommended to use scented feminine hygienic products because they cause irritation.

Bacterial Growth and other infections: Pads are made of synthetic materials which can cause blockage of wetness, which encourage bacterial growth. This is one reason why women experience severe allergies and yeast infections. Some women may think it is normal to have allergies and itchiness, which is misconception. Being a woman is not just having your monthly period, being beautiful with your makeup on or having a vagina. Being a women means being mature enough to take control of your body and taking care of your reproductive health.


Importance of sanitary pads to woman and girls private part and to the nature


Break the silence at home, work, school and neighborhood.


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About menstruation changes everything.

60 reviews
  • Snehal Dcruz
    Staygreen pads are very comfortable and the cotton base is irritation-free and soaks well, and quiet relaxing as no plastic. Thanks for introducing us to stay green sanitary pads.
    Snehal Dcruz
  • Honey Lambe
    It's an amazing product. Cotton feel which is much better than the plastic topped products from other brands. Very economically priced Individual pads are packed in individual covers, thus carrying around is easy.

    Honey Lambe
  • Mrs.D'cuhna
    Staygreen pads are very nice and comfortable. It's made for cotton and no irritation while using it.
  • Blossom Nunes
    Very Comfortable
    Blossom Nunes

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